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My Story

I crouched, in my school uniform, beside a haggard man. Between breaths of caustic air, he began to recount his story. When pro-democracy protests broke out in Hong Kong in 2014, I was there, with a camera and pen, to write profiles and feature stories hidden behind the protesters.


While I was talking with one of the protesters, an older woman recognized me from social media, tottered over to me in tears, gave me a bowl of hot soup, and thanked me for writing these stories. I was stunned as I never thought that my writing and photography would have such a critical influence on others. This was the catalyst that sparked my interest in journalism. I learned, at age 14 and in grade 10, that journalism is powerful as it is not just another story-telling method, but also a way to achieve social justice and equity by monitoring the government. It tells the truth and exposes injustice to the general public.


Since then, I called myself "a journalist."

I am from Hong Kong, not China

Over 4,000 views and 400 comments online

"I am from a city owned by a country that I don’t belong to."

"This is important to provide a comfortable environment for people to identify themselves as who they want to be."



 Sept 2018 – May 2020

Emerson College - Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Focused on print and multimedia journalism. Combined the knowledge of storytelling in print, speech, photography, and videography to deliver a story from different dimensions.

Sept 2016 – June 2018

Shoreline Community College - Associate in Arts (AA-DTA)

GPA: 3.78 (Vice-President List in Honor Society)

Excelled at majoring in Communications, specifically in Journalism, from learning interpersonal communications and public speaking, to practicing journalism both in-class and at the student newspaper organization.


Awards & Achievements

Oct 2020

Organized a video projection on UK's parliament building to call for actions against China's human right assaults from the international community

June 2029 - December 2020

Coordinated over 10 global rallies in over 30 countries in solidarity with the Hong Kong movement in 2019 and connected with various Asian communities such as Tibetans, Taiwanese and Uyghurs.

June 2029 - December 2020

Initiated meetings with congressional members in DC and MA to lobby the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

May 2018

2nd Place in General News

for Pacific Northwest Association of Journalism Educators Contest 2018

An investigative piece on the detention of an international student at the U.S.-Canadian Border, which required me to reach out to spokesmen at CBP and ICE and school officials.


Journalism Experience

Sept 2018 - Feb 2020

Berkeley Beacon, the student newspaper of Emerson College

Assistant Opinions Editor, Assistant Arts Editor & Staff Writer

Wrote a widespread column piece titled "I am from Hong Kong, not

China" which drew over 5000 views and 300 comments online, and

was featured by The Washington Post, AP News, NYTimes and BBC. Edited and wrote breaking news, enterprise, and column pieces for

both the News and Living Arts section. Wrote headlines and captions for online daily and on prints weekly

Jan 2019 - May 2019

Malden Access TV, MATV

Journalism Intern

Produced multimedia contents for the station

Organized community events and interviewed respective guests

Sept 2018 - Sep 2019

EIVNews.com, a student-run news website @ Emerson

 Opinion Editor and Writer

Assigned writers with opinion topics twice a week and edit their submission. Served as a writer for sections like politics, international news and entertainment.

Sept 2018 - Dec 2018

Good Morning Emerson, Emerson Channel’s broadcast morning news show

Weather and Event Correspondent

Created scripts on weather and events happening at Emerson

Presented weekly weather forecast on set.

Sept 2018 - Today

Emerson Independent Video’s News Field Team, for all EIV news shows

Correspondent, shooter and editor (alternate)

Produced news packages covering events around Greater Boston

Contributed to the Special Live Episode for 2019 Midterm Election

Sept 2018 - Dec 2018

SparkNewZ, EIV's conversational news show

Assistant Producer

Assisted the executive producers and directors throughout the shooting period.

Conducted research on news topic and searched backdrop media to go with each story.

Jan 2018 - July 2018

Ebbtide, a student newspaper of Shoreline Community College 

Political Editor

Wrote 10 front-page stories, 15 feature stories and a profile article on 10 issues. Once interviewed spokesmen at CBP and ICE for an award-winning piece. Focused writing on, but not limited to, pieces related to U.S. politics, the college administration and the student government body. 

June 2015 - Sept 2017

Truth Media Hong Kong, a web media outlet specialized at political and civic reporting

Reporter and Photojournalist

Covered breaking and politically related news in multimedia forms,

including articles, photos, videos, and live stream. Assigned news to other departmental staff accordingly

July 2015 - Dec 2016

Dawnews, an advocacy community news outlet in Hong Kong

Founder and Editor

Organized and hosted events with 3000+ attendees

Wrote news and enterprise articles on biannual issues

Created contents for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages


Additional Experience

Sept 2018 - Dec 2018

College Kitchen, Emerson Channel

"Sliced" Segment Shooter and Editor

Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

Generation Citizen – Emerson Chapter

Democracy Coach for Charlestown High

Sept 2017 - July 2018
Public Speaking Leadership Club, Shoreline Community College


Sept 2017 - July 2018
Public Speaking Center, Shoreline Community College

Coach and Teacher Assitant

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